Dutch Labour Law (in english)

About this training

It’s increasingly common for companies to operate within an international context. This may mean that you need to have knowledge about matters that are arranged differently in your own country. Where it’s quite common to arrange HR within that international context, this is often not possible in the field of Dutch employment law and employment relations.

Especially for HR professionals and employers,  who want to know more about Dutch employment law, we developed a one-day training. This training covers all important facets of Dutch employment law.

Dutch employment law is extensive, complex and constantly evolving. This makes it challenging for Dutch-speaking HR professionals, let alone for those who (only) speak English.

Stonehenge Consultancy developed this one-day training course in the field of Dutch employment law, covering most relevant topics. Of course, it is not a complete overview, but it does help the professional to find his/her way through this sometimes complex maze.


So what is covered?

A general introduction

Collective labour law (CLA’s)

Subjects concerning the start of employment:

– contract forms

– probation time


Subjects during employment

– illness management (very relevant but quite complex)

– Assessing and Salary Adjustment


Termination of employment

– dismissal permits
– cantonal law procedures
– Summary dismissal

Also we will talk about:
– pensions
– Labour Conditions Act
– Labour Time Act
– Minimum Wage Act
– Work’s Council Act
– WAADI (temp work)

– Whistle blower regulation
– Legislation on CO2-emmission
– Confidential counsellor

And of course there’s plenty of room to ask questions or discuss cases.


We can provide this training through an open registration, but also in-company.

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