Dutch Labour Law (in english)

About this training

It is increasingly common for companies to operate within an international context. This may mean that you need to have knowledge about matters that are arranged differently in your own country. Where it’s quite common to arrange HR within that international context, this is often not possible in the field of Dutch employment law and employment relations.


Especially for HR professionals and employers,  who want to know more about Dutch employment law, we developed a one-day training. This training covers all important facets of Dutch employment law.


We consider all relevant matters concerning employment (which contract forms are possible? Can you agree on probationary period or not? How do I know if and which collective labour agreement I should apply). In addition, we also deal with all kinds of topics that are important during an employment, such as continued payment of wages in the event of illness and the various types of leave. And, not unimportantly: what are the specific rules regarding retirement (whether voluntary or not).


We also pay attention to all kinds of other schemes such as the Dutch pension system, the Works Councils Act and the Working Conditions Act.


In short: all relevant topics are discussed and there is plenty of room for asking questions.


We can provide this training through an open registration, but also in-company.

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